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We want to HEAR from you! 

Please find below some helpful contact forms.

Looking for something else? Contact us.

For Content Submissions, please fill out this FORM.

- Hearing Our Way magazine accepts submissions on an ongoing basis from readers with an active
me or school subscription.
- Kids and teens under 18, please include an adult
on all correspondance.

- Parents and teachers are welcome to nominate students to be featured.
- We accept submissions of all kinds:
letters, autobiographies, creative writing, art, photography, and special subjects. 

For Purchase Order Requests, please email us HERE.

In your email, please include:
- Request for W9 if needed
- Vendor Forms i
f needed
- Shippin
g Address for your order
- Size of package requested
(or let us know if you need help select

Additional Resources, Worksheets, & Fundraising Letters

We love hearing about the creative ways teachers have found to support their subscriptions,
from bake sales to grants to to using their annual materials budget towards it. Did you know that Hearing Our Way may qualify for funding from your school district, PTO, or a grant?
We have gathered information about key educational funding opportunities to help you bring
high-quality, speech, language, listening-focused, diverse content to your school.
Below you will find helpful template letters that can be sent to parents, school administrators, PTA/PTO, or grant applications to ask for help funding
Hearing Our Way.

Thank you to TOD on Wheels for creating worksheets that complement our past issues. Please see below for accompanying worksheets for issues of Hearing Our Way between Winter 2018-Spring 2021. 

Winter 2018 Worksheet



Hearing Our Way

PO Box 13

Greenlawn, New York 11740

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