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Hi, I'm Mel

It all started with ears. Hearing loss, that is. Inspired by her family members with hearing aids and cochlear implants, Mel set off on a journey to pursue deaf education. But, she had always loved writing, and somewhere along the way, she was bit by the entrepreneurial bug and started publishing her books and magazine. Stephanie wants to share fun and educational information to children through her children’s books. 

Stephanie Mulligan worked on the Lucky Catch, a lobster fishing tour boat, with Captain Tom Martin for eight summers. She wanted to capture the experience and remember it forever. Each time she stepped on the boat, a new journey always awaited her!

Growing up in Otisfield, a lovely town in Maine, and working for Captain Tom let her meet people from all over the world who were interested in lobstering. Her work was the perfect summer job with the best of both worlds—education and the Maine outdoors.

Stephanie graduated from the University of Maine with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and a concentration in English. For four years, she was an ELA teacher for seventh and eighth grade and assisted in a third grade class setting.

Then, Stephanie began writing her first book to illustrate her wonderful lobster excursions. “How to Catch a Keeper!” is a charming picture book about her adventures aboard the Lucky Catch.

Her next book will be “How to Tap a Maple!” Stephanie’s inspiration for this came from the image of her father-in-law teaching her children how to make maple syrup.

Currently, she lives in Lincoln, ME with her husband and their darling children. Feel free to reach out to her today!

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It wasn't just about hearing... 

It was about listening...

... to people's stories, that is. As time went on, Mel began being pulled in other directions, working on projects outside the field of hearing loss. She realized that her passion wasn't only in the field of hearing loss, but actually in being inspired by someone's story, just as she had been by her cousin's, and using her creativity to bring that story to life. Now, she continues to publish Hearing Our Way, sharing countless stories of inspiring kids and teens with hearing loss, but she also has begun to write about, publish, create products, produce, plan events inspired by others' stories. If you're looking for someone to help bring your story to life, well, Mel is all ears!

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Moonbeam award emblem?

Stephanie Mulligan, a silver medal winner of the Moonbeam Children’ Book Award, has always been a passionate writer since she was a little girl. She enjoyed writing poems with her dad, which soon bloomed into her love for creative writing.


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