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Hearing Our Way's quality and design, and most of all, its message, all exceeded my expectations. I have never been prouder of a contribution I’ve made.”  

We have created a one-of-a-kind publication that has proven to serve our target audience of children and teens with hearing loss, their families, and professionals alike.

They are each drawn to Hearing Our Way for its unique combination of:

  • deaf education, audiology, & self-advocacy strategies

  • inspiring stories featuring role models with hearing loss 

  • kid-friendly positive, uplifting, and fun design 

  • focus on the whole family including siblings

  • kid-friendly social media and pop-culture-driven content

  • recommended products for kids with hearing loss

  • meaningful, enriching content that lends itself to connection & conversation off the page 

  • content written & designed for kids & teens... but parent & teacher approved!

Your sponsorship allows us to connect, engage, support, and inspire a generation of strong, well-spoken, independent, proud, confident young people with hearing loss whose voices will be heard.

Please support Hearing Our Way in the way that is most meaningful to you:

Subscribe for your family: Click here.

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Set up a group subscription for a classroom, school, audiology office, or hospital of your choice: Click here.

Make a gift to Hearing Our Way to support our mission: Click here.

Underwrite a workshop or presentation: Click here.

Sponsor an issue through our advertising opportunities: Click here.

If you believe that excellence & innovation are essential to the field of deaf education...


If you believe that investing in our children's social & emotional development will ensure their success...


If you believe children with hearing loss deserve a magazine designed just for them... 


Then you believe in Hearing Our Way.

Media Kit

Are you looking to connect with young people with hearing loss, their families, and the professionals who work with them? 

Hearing Our Way provides a unique opportunity to engage with this niche market. We have captured readers in all 50 states and over 35 countries around the world.


Today, consumers are often swarmed by media messages as they scroll through their digital feeds.


However, the Hearing Our Way print platform is perfect for achieving advertising results by putting your marketing directly in their hands! 


Get in touch with us now to learn about creative marketing solutions that can help to grow your business. 

Ready to get involved?
Learn more in our
Media Kit

Have You Heard?

 Our readers report frequently purchasing new products based on ads they've seen in our publications.


Some, especially parents of newly-diagnosed children with hearing loss, often report being exposed to products and devices for the first time through Hearing Our Way.


Advertisers report sales spikes consistent with quarterly releases of Hearing Our Way issues.


Our success depends on your support... and your success awaits within our pages!

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