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Sophie's Spotlight on Veda

Veda, age 8, is a third grader from Montpelier, Virginia who hears with two cochlear implants. When she was born, she was diagnosed with a mild/moderate hearing loss, but her hearing loss progressed and by age 6, she was profoundly deaf.

Veda uses Total Communication, both talking and signing, to communicate. Even though she has bilateral cochlear implants, Veda sometimes misses out on things. In school she relies on an educational interpreter to help fill in those missing gaps in the classroom. Veda is the only kid who is profoundly deaf in her school. Her family wanted the school to make an ASL club (American Sign Language). Now Veda’s interpreter runs the club, and Veda is the helper!

Veda loves getting involved in school activities. She has participated in the school talent show, skate night, and stand-up comedy event. She also loves to read and write, but her favorite subject in school is math. She is working on her red belt in karate. Her favorite football team is the LSU Tigers. Veda says, “Geaux Tigers!”

Sophie loves shining a spotlight on amazing kids with hearing loss around the world. To shine a spotlight on someone you know, write to us at!

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