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DIY: Hearing Device Decorations

DIY: Hearing Device Decorations

Raina’s mom, Morgan, loves to decorate her hearing aids for every season.

Get your hearing technology ready for summer with your own design!


✏ a pencil

❏ paper

✄ scissors ❍ stickers or washi tape

1. Trace the shape of your hearing device onto a piece of paper.

2. Cut out the hearing device shape. This will be your rough template.

3. Choose your favorite sticker or washi tape. Washi tape happens to be the perfect width for hearing aids. If using a sticker, solid colors or tiny patterns work best.

4. Use the paper template from step 2 to trace the hearing device shape onto the sticker. Cut out the sticker.

5. Trim the sticker to size. Be sure not to cover microphones or battery doors.

6. Wear your hearing bling with pride!

Tip: Check out the sticker section of a craft store for inspiration. And have fun!

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