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Sibling Spot: Carly, Emma, and Molly

Meet three sisters from Albany, New York who never let hearing loss get in the way of fun!

Big sister Carly, 8, does not have hearing loss but when her younger sisters Emma, 6, and Molly, 1, were diagnosed with hearing loss, they inspired Carly to start a non-profit called Lemon(aids), sewing plush lemons and selling them to raise money for hearing aids!

Carly: My sisters are both fun and goofy—I just love them so much! I am really happy that they have hearing aids and can hear. I don’t like when they can’t hear me. My hope for the future is that hearing aids are not so expensive and that everyone can hear. That’s why I started making Lemon(Aids) to raise money for kids who need hearing aids.

Emma: After baby Molly got her hearing aids, my kindergarten teacher thought maybe I needed hearing aids, too. She was right! I love that Molly and I have hearing aids together. I love Carly because she says I look really good with my hearing aids, and she always helps me! When I think about Carly sewing lemons to help kids like me, it makes my heart really happy.

Molly: I got my hearing aids when I was just 10 weeks old! When I don’t have my hearing aids in, I can yell very loud and everyone laughs. My sisters are my favorite people. When I see them, I sign ‘play’! I love my sisters so much.

One Last Word: We know how it feels to go without our hearing aids. It doesn’t feel good, and we can’t hear as well! So we want everyone to be able to have hearing aids if they need them. We are so glad Lemon(Aids) are helping to make a difference so everyone can hear!

To purchase your Lemon(Aids) please visit

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Hearing loss is part of the whole family. Share your story with us:

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