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Movies We Love: Creed 2

Jaida is a 16-year-old girl from Brooklyn, New York. She has a unilateral hearing loss in her left ear. In the school setting, she utilizes a Roger Focus to help her hear her teachers more clearly. She enjoys watching movies she can relate to, reading novels, practicing yoga, and learning about other kids’ experiences with hearing loss in Hearing Our Way!

The movie Creed 2 (PG-13), directed by Steven Caple, Jr., features a character named Bianca who has a bilateral progressive hearing loss. Although her hearing loss is not a major storyline in the movie, it is highlighted in a few ways throughout the film. It was amazing to see someone like me represented on the big screen. In one part of the film, Bianca, played by Tessa Thompson, finds out her baby has a hearing loss, too. Even though Bianca had hoped that her baby would not have to deal with the same challenges that she had faced, she also knew that she was well-equipped to handle a baby with hearing loss. The film also depicts Bianca as an accomplished singer. She doesn’t let her hearing loss get in the way of her dreams— and neither should you! If you are interested in seeing a unique story portrayed on film, go see Creed 2!

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