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Sophie's Spotlight on Owen

Owen, 7, lives in Minnesota in a gray house in the country with his mom, dad, older brothers Holden and Chase, two dogs, one cat, and a beta fish. Owen is an avid sports fan

whose favorite teams are the Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Twins, and Luverne Cardinals.

When Owen was born, he had normal hearing, but when he was just a baby, he had a high fever and rode on a helicopter to the hospital. After the fever, he couldn’t hear anymore. He went to the Mayo Clinic and got two cochlear implants. Sometimes kids ask Owen,

“What are those things on your ear?” He tells them how cochlear implants help him hear, and that there are magnets inside his head and parts he wears on his ears.

Owen works with his teacher of the deaf, Rosemari Kroll, to improve his listening, language, and self-advocacy skills. Keep up the great work, Owen!

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