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PACS Pals: Amanda

Hearing My Way

My mild/moderate bilateral sensorineural hearing loss was discovered during my first routine hearing check in school. Little did I know that being called down to the nurse’s office in kindergarten would lead me to a future career in audiology! I want to work with kids to make sure they have the hearing technology and accommodations they need to succeed in the classroom.

Overcoming Obstacles

Growing up, I was always very athletic and played on a competitive softball team for over 10 years. Wearing a batting helmet with my hearing aids proved to be a challenge over the years. The helmets fit tightly over my ears, causing a lot of feedback from my hearing aids. I brought my helmet to my audiologist who helped me find a solution by changing the way I put the helmet on over my hearing aids so that it wouldn’t slide over the microphones.

Ear Gear

I currently wear the Oticon Opn 1 hearing aids. I absolutely love them and am patiently waiting for Oticon to introduce colors for this line so I can make them look more fun and stand out!

Magical Winter

I grew up around Chicago, and I love spending time downtown when all of the Christmas lights are up. My favorite winter activity is ice skating in Millenium Park.

Learn more about Amanda’s graduate program in deaf education and audiology:

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