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Sophie's Spotlight on Madelyn

Madelyn, a talented athlete and high school senior, has played volleyball for four years. Although she faced obstacles due to her hearing loss, Maddie refused to let these challenges interfere with her love for the game.

In junior high, Maddie hid her hearing aids and refused to use assistive devices. As a result, she suffered from auditory fatigue. Now 17, Maddie has learned to accept her hearing loss. She has new hearing aids, wears her hair up, and uses assistive technology. She takes advantage of accommodations including an FM system, pass-around mic, CART (live captioning), and preferential seating. Now, when Maddie is in a noisy gym playing volleyball, she has the confidence to advocate for herself by asking her coaches to step closer to her so she can hear or read their lips. Maddie feels a huge difference in her energy level as a result of these changes.

Madelyn will never forget the day she received her first hearing aid, allowing her to hear sounds she never heard before. Maddie aspires to become an audiologist so she can be a part of amazing moments like this with other families.

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