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Books We Love: El Deafo

Eva is a 10-year-old girl from New Jersey who has always loved reading! She has hearing loss in her left ear, but with the help of her Roger Focus® receiver and wireless system, she never lets hearing loss hold her back! Ready to discover your next favorite book? Eva invites you to explore her bookshelf.

El Deafo by Cece Bell is a graphic novel based on the author’s life. The main character, Cece, has ordinary kid struggles such as making friends, keeping them, getting good grades, plus much more... but there’s a twist! Cece has bulky hearing aids that stick out of her ears and make her feel self-conscious. Even though the hearing aids make her different, they are also powerful, so she creates her own personal superhero, ‘El Deafo, Listener for All.’ I think this memoir will make you laugh, smile, and keep reading!

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