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Sibling Spot: Paisley, Presley, Patton, and Pierson

Meet Paisley, Presley, Patton, and Pierson, siblings from Oklahoma who never let hearing loss get in the way of fun!

Paisley and Presley, 8, are twin girls, and little brothers Patton, 3, and Pierson, 2, are 18 months apart! Paisley and Patton both have hearing loss and wear cochlear implants.

Paisley: I’m the older twin! I was born with a mild to moderate hearing loss and wore hearing aids until I was 3. That’s when my hearing loss progressed, and I got cochlear implants. Now I am doing great in school. I even made the swim team, where I use my waterproof implant accessories! I love being a twin, but I also love that having cochlear implants makes me different than my sister.

Presley: Paisley always makes me laugh, and my brothers are cute and funny. Having a sister and brother with cochlear implants makes me feel happy because they can hear music, and we can sing and dance together.

Patton: I got my hearing aids when I was three-months-old and started auditory verbal therapy. Just like my sister, my hearing dropped around my third birthday, and that’s when I got my cochlear implant. I love all of my siblings, but I have a special bond with Paisley. When I got my cochlear implant I told her, “I got implant like you!”

Pierson: I love going to AVT sessions with my siblings. I’ve become a great talker watching them learn language! I want to do everything that my big brother Patton does, even repeating the Ling 6 sounds!

One Last Word: We’re happy that our mom and dad chose cochlear implants because Paisley and Patton wouldn’t be able to hear without them. Hearing loss doesn’t slow us down- it’s a part of our family that makes us special!

Hearing loss is part of the whole family. Share your story with

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