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Have You Heard?

Have you Heard?

A message from Hearing Health Foundation, a nonprofit whose mission is to prevent, treat, and cure hearing loss and to promote hearing health.

Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is not hearing loss that you are born with. It is hearing loss that is caused by loud noise that damages hair cells in your inner ear.

If you have hearing loss in one or both ears, it is important to take care of the residual hearing that you have. Use these tips to preserve your hearing and help your family and friends prevent noise-induced hearing loss, too!

Have you heard that some people are more likely to be exposed to harmful noise than others?

Kids and teens are exposed to loud sounds and music at concerts and when listening to music too loud on their devices.

Have you heard that noise-induced hearing loss is preventable?

Many people listen to their music at maximum volume (105 dB), which is louder than noisy traffic, subway platforms, and table saws. Turn down the volume of your music, especially if using earbuds. Block your ears at concerts and loud events by wearing ear plugs or protective headphones.

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