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HIPP Kids: Pen Pal Program

An exciting new Pen Pal Program presented by Ryan Brady with

Hearing Our Way!

What's a Pen Pal?

A friend made by sending and receiving letters. Pen pals usually live far away and have not met each other in person.

Hi, I’m Ryan! I started HIPP Kids to connect kids and teens with hearing loss around the world and to help them practice their reading and writing skills in a fun and engaging way. I know how much it helped my sister to meet other kids with hearing loss and share her own unique experiences with others. Through HIPP, I hope many kids and teens can make special connections and find support from peers experiencing hearing loss just like them!

Ryan, 15, was inspired by her older sister Regan (featured in Overcoming Obstacles) to create a pen pal program for kids with hearing loss.

Pen pals will receive an introductory letter from Ryan and an assigned pen pal.

Sign up is free for Hearing Our Way readers at

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