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Sibling Spot: Christopher, Sophia, and Valerie

Meet Christopher, Sophia, and Valerie, siblings from California who never let hearing loss get in the way of fun!

Christopher: Valerie is a great sister. I love playing with her and teaching her how to pronounce words correctly. We like to play catch together. We love each other a lot.

Sophia: I like playing with my little sister because she’s sweet. If she doesn’t say some of her words right, I teach her them, and she learns from me. If she doesn’t hear or understand something, she makes a cute little face and says, “What did you say? ”

Valerie: I like to play with my sister in our room. We play dolls and have long talks. I use my hearing aid and cochlear implant to hear my sister, brother, and friends, and to watch and watch movies on our iPad !

Family First: As a family, we like to attend deaf and hard of hearing family camps where we can connect with other families. We like to talk to other siblings and support each other because being a sibling is a unique experience. Valerie connects with other kids with hearing loss, and our parents have found a lot of support there, too.

One Last Word: Hearing loss doesn’t change the way we feel about our sister. In fact, Valerie’s hearing loss has brought our family closer together and made us all more accepting, patient, and compassionate people.

Share your family's story of hearing loss with us!

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