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PACS: Meet Emily!


My Dream Career

I want to be a pediatric audiologist to help families through the process of hearing loss diagnosis, amplification, and education. As someone who grew up wearing hearing aids and recently received a cochlear implant, I know how important it can be for kids with hearing loss to interact with adults like them. It shows them that we can be successful no matter the circumstances!

My Self-Advocacy Story

Until college, I was always the only person in class who wore hearing aids. It took a long time for me to become comfortable in my own skin. At first I didn’t use any assistive devices, but when my hearing loss become more severe, I realized I needed additional support. I had to go out of my comfort zone and request accommodations to ensure my academic success. It was a learning process to find the right services and feel more confident speaking up, but it was well worth it!

Tips & Tricks

I’ve always found it tricky to position my phone or headphones near my device’s microphone. Luckily, wireless technology is now available for most hearing devices! I love to stream music and phone calls directly to my devices, and I even have a directional microphone my professor can use that streams wirelessly, too. If you can take advantage of wireless capabilities on your devices, I highly recommend them!

My Role Model

My sister Angelica is my role model. Even though she is seven years younger than me, she always made sure I was included in conversations and would even speak up for me when I wasn’t comfortable doing it myself. She advocates for others without being asked, and I think the world could use more selfless, openminded people like her!

Interested in learning more about Emily’s graduate program in

deaf education and audiology?


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