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Sophie's Spotlight: Alejandro

Sophie loves shining a spotlight on amazing kids with hearing loss around the world. Alejandro, 4, from Panama City, Panama, and his family share their story with us. To shine a spotlight on someone you know, write to us at!

When Alejandro was 8-months-old, his mom noticed that he didn’t hear noises. The first doctor they went to didn’t think anything was wrong, but when Alejandro was 20-months-old, they saw another doctor who sent them to the hospital. There he was diagnosed with hearing loss and soon got his first pair of hearing aids.

After that, Alejandro started auditory-verbal therapy where someone from the Hear the World Foundation heard his story. He was chosen to receive a cochlear implant, and his family was very grateful.

Before the surgery, Alejandro was nervous, and his parents were anxious and hopeful. After the surgery, they all felt very happy and thankful. Alejandro’s favorite word is ‘mama,’ and his favorite sounds are the trucks going by on the road. He loves listening to music, riding his bike, and going to the river to swim.

His mom says, “We are so happy to see Alejandro more connected to the world.”

To learn more about Hear The World, visit

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