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Sibling Spot: Charlie, Stella, & Catherine

Meet Charlie, Stella, and Catherine, siblings who never let hearing loss get in the way of fun! Charlie, 4, uses bilateral cochlear implants to hear. Stella, 3, does not have hearing loss. Baby Catherine wears hearing aids while she awaits her upcoming bilateral cochlear implant surgery! Together, the older siblings love gymnastics, swimming, and keeping an eye on their baby sister.

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Charlie: I got my cochlear implants when I was just 9-months-old and then went to speech therapy every week for two years. Now I can hear, talk, and communicate with Stella, Catherine, and all of my friends.

Stella: Even though I’m Charlie’s little sister, some people think we look like twins! When Charlie doesn’t have his cochlear implants on I know he can’t hear me, so we have to look at each other to talk. Sometimes I’ll try to put Charlie’s implants on my head, but they just won’t ‘stick’!

Camping Connection: We love summer. We go camping in our backyard in a tent and roast marshmallows over a campfire to make s’mores ! Every summer, we visit our Nana and

PopPop at their lake house. This will be Catherine’s first time at the lake.

One Last Word: We love taking care of baby Catherine. We like to make her laugh and hold her. In the morning, we help Mom check her hearing aids by getting different instruments and toys to make sounds. When she turns our way, we know her hearing aids are working! We can’t wait for her to get her own set of pink ‘superhero ears.’

Hearing loss is part of the whole family. Do you know a great set of siblings?

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