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Sibling Spot: Celia & Lelaina

Meet Celia & Lelaina, siblings from St. Louis, MO who never let hearing loss get in the way of fun! Celia, 7, has a cochlear implant and a hearing aid, and her sister Lelaina, 8, does not have hearing loss. They both love music, scooters, and their dog Linus!

Celia: I like being so close in age to my sister because I feel like we are twins. Lelaina is there to help me in school, and she helped me feel better when I had my cochlear implant surgery.

Lelaina: We love to have ‘sleepovers’ at night, and when we watch TV together, I always put the captions on. At the end of each school day, I help Celia take her FM System to the nurse’s office.

Celia: Hearing loss can lead to some funny moments. I named my cochlear implant Ronald because when I hear that, I think of a funny character who knows everything. One time, we went to the audiologist, and ‘Ronald’ got stuck to the elevator!

Lelaina: Celia has a lot of big dreams, like becoming an orthopedic surgeon and opening a pet shelter called Pet Hurricane! I hope that all of her dreams come true.

One Last Word: Hearing loss doesn’t affect my relationship with my sister, because I love her the same no matter what! We feel so lucky to have each other.

Hearing loss is a part of the whole family. Do you know two siblings with a great story who would like to be in Hearing Our Way?

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