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Inspiration Station: Alex Lacamoire

Photo Credit: Tea for Two Photography

Alex Lacamoire

Musical Director of Hamilton an American Musical

“My hearing loss makes me listen a little harder. It allows me to live in my own bubble. I can really focus in on music and tune out the world around me. . . Music involves all the senses. It’s about overcoming a disability to the point where you don’t feel it’s a disability anymore.”

Alex Lacamoire, Tony and Grammy award winning Musical Director of the hit musical Hamilton, has worn hearing aids since childhood, but he has never let his hearing loss stop him. In fact, he has often wondered if he would be able to write music the way he does if he didn’t hear sound in such a unique way. He is responsible for writing entire sections of Hamilton, including the King’s song, ‘You'll Be Back'. Plus, check out the soundtrack of his newest hit, Dear Evan Hansen, executive produced by Alex!

Want to keep up with Alex on Broadway? Follow him on Twitter @LacketyLac!

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