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Who  We  Are

We are the only magazine for kids and teens with

hearing loss, published by Sophie's Tales LLC,

a children's publishing company specializing in publications for children with hearing loss.

Our products engage, connect, and inspire young people through relatable content, role models, and strategies focused on listening, language, and self-advocacy skills. 

our numbers

10,000 readers

and counting.

our locations

All 50 states.

35 countries

and growing.

our devices

43% Hearing Aid users.

41% Cochlear Implant users.

12% Bone-Anchored Device users.

our readers

66% Families.

34% Professionals.

100% Inspired.


Melanie Paticoff, M.S.D.E.

Editor in Chief

In 2014, Mel launched Hearing Our Way on Kickstarter after the success of her children's books for kids with hearing loss, Sophie's TalesThe magazine was the solution needed to meet the needs of her audience on a much larger scale. Mel earned her Masters of Science in Deaf Education from Washington University's School of Medicine's Program in Audiology and Communication Sciences, where she was awarded the Max Goldstein Award for Professional Promise. She has a Bachelors degree in  deaf education from  Fontbonne University in St. Louis, Missouri as well.


Together with a team of designers, contributors, sponsors, advisors, educators, and parents, we are committed to bringing young people with hearing loss together through an engaging, supportive, and inclusive literary experience.

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